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Don't stick to the wrong opinion
Being the owner of a company does not mean that all of your decisions are sound. If you take the wrong decision and show you the wrong decision, admit that you made a mistake and change the decision by making another sound decision that addresses the error of the first decision.
Do not employ self-taught people and those who want to start their own company
This advice may be strange to some, but it carries a great deal of health: the self-made person who wants to start his own company will leave you sooner or later when he has the right opportunity to launch his project, then you will lose what you invested in these in order to train them and make them qualified. It is best to hire someone who believes in your vision and sees it as an important part in achieving what he believes in. Even if he is not the owner of the supreme word in decision-making.

Provide outstanding customer service
The whole company is established in order to provide a service or product to the customer, this means that it is necessary to provide the best customer service ever to answer their questions and help them choose what is appropriate for them in the case of multiple products of your company. If you are invited to make all employees care about customer service then do to feel Everyone is important to your customer.
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Make your priorities in front of you everywhere
It is best to write these priorities and hang them on the table in front of you. Your feelings may invite you to take actions that may be far from your priorities and goals, and if you fall into this trap that you follow feelings without priorities and goals, then you are going against the right path.

 Learn marketing whatever your role

Each of us has a role that differs from the other, but if you look carefully, you will find that marketing is deep in everything in our lives, even in the simplest things from it. Everyone wants to be in front of the other the best and this is considered self-marketing, and there is no doubt that if you learned the arts of marketing will increase the possibility of success Your company significantly.
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 - Do not do what you do not like
The global and Arab arena is full of people who graduated from top colleges, so they left their income-generating jobs to work in the field they love, so they mastered it and achieved greater successes than their previous jobs they left - like Dr. Tariq Al Suwaidan was an oil engineer who became a famous international lecturer, and like Burt Wilson, self-made Canadian Who left the field of engineering to join the field of commerce.

 Be honest with yourself before others
Honesty is a lifetime, which is one of the characteristics of the peasants in this world and the hereafter, and when you deal honestly with yourself and with others you will feel great psychological comfort and customers will trust you and this trust is an invaluable gain for the owners of companies, and they pay in order to obtain it precious and precious.

 Shut up every day for ten minutes
Every day you have to sit in a comfortable place and keep silent. Just ten minutes, you think, imagine, ask questions and manage your company's affairs. These ten minutes will reveal many things that would not have been easily revealed to you.
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 Keep learning
It is not equal to the one who knows and who does not know, so you must continue to learn permanently, and it is preferable to specify the areas that you will learn initially and start learning from one book or educational course, and after this educational course has been completed, you will move to another until you feel that everything you learn Repeated in previous books, at which point you will have to continue reading as well but secondarily because you will have to move to another area you mainly learn.

 Follow the Hassoub Academy
Hasob Academy has articles and lessons in many fields such as self-employment, entrepreneurship, programming and many different classifications that enrich the owner of any company arising from asking questions, especially projects that relate to the Internet. Hassoub Academy has a specialized team to review all the articles presented to it and no article is published if it is repeated or useless, so any article you will find on the Academy will provide you with important information written by independent experts who are skilled in their work, and reviewed by a specialized team.

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