Air conditioner

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Air conditioner

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Air conditioners and their relationship to temperature change:
Due to the difference in climate and the constant change in temperature, whether by increasing or decreasing, it is necessary for an air conditioner to be present in every home and even in every room, because the temperature greatly affects the health of each of us, because increased temperature may lead to dehydration and high blood pressure Also, the severe decrease in temperature may cause blood to clot or stop the heart muscle and God forbid, so companies competed in the use of technological technology to produce the best types of air conditioners, which are appropriate for all areas and homes.
Types of air conditioner systems:
There are many types of air conditioners that differ, perhaps in size, shape, or technological technology used in its work, including:

Window or window, split, wardrobe, desert, cassette, hidden, roofing, floor, portable, air purifiers, etc. We will give you details of some of these types.

1. Central air conditioner:
Central air conditioner
Central air conditioner
Among all different types of air conditioners, this type is the most common type of cooling system, it is the best in large houses due to its ability to cool efficiently.

Central air conditioners circulate cold air through the supply and return channels. Supply channels and logs in the wall or floor carry cool air to the home. After that, as soon as the air becomes warm, it is circulated again in the supply channels and records where it will be transferred back to the air conditioner.

Installing the central air conditioner system requires a lot of planning and preparation as scaling is critical to the functionality of the system. If you install a system of the wrong size, even if it is energy efficient, you will find that your tool costs more than it should be.

2. Split air conditioner
Split air conditioner
Split air conditioner
Split air conditioner systems are one of the most common ducts in retrofitted home parts. Like central air conditioner systems, this type air conditioner consists of a compressor unit and an external heat exchanger that is usually placed outside the home, and an internal heat exchanger unit that circulates air in the room. It is worth noting that air conditioners of this type are more efficient than others in air distribution and cooling speed, but they are more difficult to install and more expensive than others and are even more popular in the Arab region.

“If you are looking to cool individual rooms in your home, this system may be right for you. “

Many split systems without small channels can contain up to four internal processing units, all of which are connected to the outdoor unit.
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Each region has its own thermostat, allowing you to adjust the temperature for each room accordingly. This is especially useful if you want to cool only a certain part of the home that is being used.

3.Dollary conditioner:
Air conditioner

It is one of the famous air conditioners suitable for medium and large places, and it is characterized by the following:
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The type of air conditioner consists of two units, the indoor and outdoor units, the outdoor unit includes the compressor, and the indoor unit includes air circulation blades as well as a control panel that allows you to control all the characteristics and settings of the conditioner.
There are different capacities available in the air conditioner, and you can choose between them, depending on where the air conditioner is placed.
The indoor unit of the air-conditioner is a stand-alone stand that in turn distributes air.
4. Air conditioner net:
Window air conditioner
Window air conditioner
Think of a window air conditioner (window) as a compact unit, and cool only one private room. Also known as a "unit unit", this system is installed in the room window.

Window units cool down the room that emits warm air back and blow cold air in it.
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