WoWC looses subscriptions in favor of another game

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WoWC looses subscriptions in favor of another game

Сообщение winterfire » 18 янв 2020, 11:30

Paid ($25-$50/character) transfers should be allowed from PvP to PvE Servers. While many of the other posts surrounding this topic discuss the merits/demerits of PvP in Classic, this post does not attempt to prove one side or the other is right, wow classic gold.

Rather, it is clear that there is a real desire amongst some to transfer from PvP to PvE. Allowing for this type of transfer, for a reasonable fee, makes good sense for three reasons: (1) some players want to move; (2) the market is a good tool to use in this situation; and (3) the alternative is that WoW: Classic looses subscriptions in favor of another game.

This is a pretty simple, straightforward fix for Blizzard which allows them to monetize the change, address concerns from players, and keep the game strong going forward.

For those who would (and will in response to this post) say that those upset should either quit or re-roll in PvE, this is not the smart decision for Blizzard as: (1) those who are not enjoying the game and cannot spend the time to re-roll will simply quit; and (2) those who can re-roll will still deny those who enjoy PvP (in its current from) the other players they need to create a PvP experience in the first place.

Instead, let the market decide. Charge a fee, allow for the PvP to PvE server transfers to occur, cheap wow classic gold and then re-assess how to continue to make WoW:Classic even stronger.

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